The KlassModeler is a tool for visually creating and documenting classes. It is not unlike other UML design tools except for four major differences:

  • Strict focus on class modeling: UML as a whole does a lot of things that I never really found a use for. I am only interested in class and inheritence modeling and documentation. I don't like having lots of comments in my source, so I find it nicer to have the docs in the class model.
  • Code generation: I think there are some UML tools out there that do this, but they tend to generate it with lots of special comments that tell the tool where things are and how to re-write the files and all that. The KlassModeler writes headers that I find clean and easy to read.
  • Reads existing headers: You can point it to a header file and it will read it in and create a class diagram. You can use this functionality to import existing projects into KlassModeler.
  • HTML doc generation: It spits out a set of HTML pages that puts all your documentation in an easy to read format that can be used with any web browser. A very big plus for helping other people understand your code.
Click here for a screenshot.

What's new?

Everything is new. I decided it was time to re-write the KlassModeler. I've made the new version available on SourceForge. Please go there for all the latest updates and what not. I also have a web site for it. I'm retaining the old downloads here just as a convenience for any links out there on the web, but please, don't download theses, they are not supported anymore.