The REngine is my game engine. It's my favourite pet project for when I am looking for something interesting to work on. It's made up of 5 components:
  • Math: The 3D math to make it all possible.
  • Renderer: Abstraction of OpenGL along with some higher level helpers, cameras, fonts, things like that.
  • Windows: 2D windowing system built on the Renderer. Includes FrameWindows, Buttons, ListBoxes and the like.
  • Physics: A rigid body physics simulator. I'm especially proud of this one as it represents a fair amount of time and study.
  • General: The glue that holds it all together. Helper classes, common classes, etc.
I built the REngine so I could make a space based combat game, Rift. Yes I am a space nerd and yes the idea of writing a space based combat game is more appealing then actually playing a space based combat game. You can get the REngine here. This zip file contains three subdirectories containing the engine itself, some tests, and an Eclipse workspace directory which also holds a Visual Studio 2005 solution file. You can build it on Linux or Windows. In order to build it you'll need a handful of other libraries:
You may also be interested in a paper I wrote, A Practical Approach to Collision Handling. I wrote it in an effort to make it easier for other people to write their own physics engines. It tries to reduce all of the complex stuff to something more manageable, while at the same time giving the reader the foundation to make sense out of the huge amount of complex docs out there. It also provides a function by function break down of the REnginePhysics library to really deeply document what's going on. It's my first attempt at technical writing so any questions or input would be appreciated.

In any event, I've had a lot of fun working on the REngine and am excited to add more when I find the time. I hope you manage to get something useful from it too.