Rift is my main fun project. I've always been a space nerd and I've always loved playing space video games. A while ago I decided it would be a lot of fun to try to pull together all of the things I've enjoyed in all the games I've played and make my own space game. Easier said then done. Years later I'm still learning a lot and slowly adding things in to make it more interesting.

In order to build Rift you'll first need to get my logging library, Lager. You'll also need the REngine. I'd suggest getting the REngine in and working before trying to play with Rift. Once you're ready you can get the source here (it's somewhat large, 35Megs, due to the source art). The zip file contains the source itself as well as a workspace directory which you can use with Eclipse. There's also a solution file inside the workspace directory if you want to build in Windows with Visual Studio 2005. In order to fully build it you'll also need Povray to generate the sky box images, but I've included those in the bin directory to make life easier.

Of course if you just want to try playing the game (it's not "fun" exactly, more of just a demo of how things move) you can just download it here. I'm sure it goes without saying, but this is just a demo of some code I'm working on, I make no guarantees that it won't do horrible things to your computer. When you fire it up you will see the welcome screen (assuming it doesn't crash). You currently can choose to play only one character, Kryder. You can change your resolution and what not (be careful about selecting full screen as if something does go wrong there won't be any window close button around). When you start up you will be in a space station. You can drag your mouse around to spin your ship. You can press the buttons to see some ideas for inventory management and ship outfitting. When you're done you can undock to venture outside.

Once you get outside (wasn't that loading bar great?) you'll be in ship management mode. This mode is similar to the game Eve, where you have a camera that you can spin around the ship. If you double click in space near your ship it will turn to face that diection. At the bottom of the screen you will see your controls. The vertical black space is your velocity guage. Left click in there to set how fast you want to go. You can use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out. You can also right click on objects for commands, or you can right click on space for a list of locations you can go to. If you want to get inside the cockpit then you press the space bar

Inside the cockpit is where I imagine dogfighters will be spending their time. Here the ship will follow your mouse pointer (like in Freelancer). Use the mouse wheel to set your speed, and the left mouse button to fire (the default ship doesn't have lasers, but the other one in your hanger does).

If you want to see the physics working I'd recommend getting into your other ship (dock and choose ships and right click to Activate) and then heading to the "Still Targets" location where you'll have 3 empty ships to try shooting. You can't destroy them, but you can use lasers to push them around a bit.

That's about the state of the demo at the moment. Feel free to check out the code and see if any of it looks interesting. Questions and comments and suggestions are always welcome.